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Square Cutting Board

Square Cutting Board
Square Cutting Board
Square Cutting Board
Square Cutting Board
Square Cutting Board
Product image 1Square Cutting Board
Product image 2Square Cutting Board
Product image 3Square Cutting Board
Product image 4Square Cutting Board
Product image 5Square Cutting Board

Regular price $ 210.00 CAD

A marvellous kitchen piece and the ideal chef’s tool. The Larch Wood Square Cutting Board with its resilient end grain construction and substantial thickness is sturdy enough to be considered a compact chopping block. Larch is an excellent wood for cutting boards because of its resistance to rot, flexible and robust fibres and its antimicrobial properties. The wooden end grain design, highlighting the larch’s twirling growth rings, dramatically extends the life of the board as well as keeping your knives sharper longer. The Square Cutting Board will handle just about any chopping, cutting or slicing task you have due to its generous working surface. Soft rubber feet attached with stainless steel screws, make it easier to grab hold of and pick up, help prevent moisture from penetrating the bottom of the board and stop the board from sliding on the countertop.

A nice, thick cutting board with plenty of work surface. The square aesthetic appeals to many people and fits great into many kitchens that have limited counter space.

• Traditional chopping block look
• Lustrous and smooth work surface
• Naturally healing end-grain construction
• Board size is 14 x 14 x 2 inches (35.56 × 35.56 × 5.08 cm)
• Board weighs 8.27 lbs (3.75 kg)

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