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Our Factories

We want you to know exactly where your money is going and where your product comes from. As we expand, we'll add maps, essays, and post updates on our factories here.

When we first started searching for a factory to work with we focused our efforts almost entirely within Canada. In our minds quality was the most important factor to having a successful business and we were concerned with the stigma sometimes attached to doing business with a factory from somewhere overseas. But after contacting 12 different factories in country and being turned down for reasons ranging from having too small order sizes to being told outright that no one had time to work with a startup we decided to expand our efforts. 

"I suppose I've always believed that to ensure quality control and worker safety we would need to find a factory in country. After my first visit to Dhaka, I completely changed my mind. Not only did we find a partner in business, we found someone who cared for the poor, intentionally sought out and employed the homeless, and treated their employees like family."     -Andrew Nisly (Owner)

Our mill and factory is located in the business district of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The state of the art facilities use the latest in technology and safety equipment to ensure product quality isn't compromised while keeping laborers out of danger. The factory currently employs over 1800 people with full time work and is constantly expanding.


The mill goes above and beyond the status quo for proper dying procedures, recycling water through a natural sand and gravel filter before reusing, saving thousands of gallons of contaminated water from flowing into the sea. We were so excited to find an organization that was so dedicated to going above and beyond standard compliance regulations - especially in an industry that has been marred by shady environmental practices and the mistreatment of its own workforce.

Through meticulous attention to detail and multiple quality control stations, we're confident the product you choose will be durable and comfortable. Our factories play a huge part in this and we'll continue to post updates from each visit.

If you're interested in seeing the process for yourself Contact us and we'll see what we can arrange for you to come along on our next trip!


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